Features X15


Chronicle: High Five

Introductory features of the x15 server There may be changes until 11/11/2022 by community vote

  • Exp: x15
  • SP: x15
  • Adena: x10
  • Drop: x8
  • Spoil: x8
  • Quest Drop: x1
  • Quest Reward: x1
  • Manor: x1
  • Epic RB Jewel Drop: x1
  • Safe Enchant: +4
  • Max Enchant: +16
  • Normal Scroll of Enchant Chance: 52%
  • Blessed Scroll of Enchant Chance: 56%
  • Elemental Stone chance: 50%
  • Elemental Crystal chance: 30%


  • Maximum Clients per PC: 3
  • 2h duration on all buffs, dances, songs, summon, prophecies.
  • Buff slots: 24(+4 Divine Inspiration)
  • Dance/Song slots: 12
  • Offline store
  • Offline Buffs
  • Newbie Help
  • Vote reward
  • Stream reward
  • Skills are auto learn.
  • Automatic loot for monsters.
  • Manual loot for raid bosses & epic bosses.
  • 1st, 2nd, 3rd profession change for Adena on Class Master NPC.
  • Sub-Class FREE (Doesn't require Official Quest)
  • Certification skills retail like (Quest required)
  • Champion Monsters until Lv 75 (2% to chance to spawn)
  • Pride of Kamael buff is a SELF ONLY buff.
  • You CAN NOT delevel to less than 70 Level.
  • Control & click on an attribute or attribute crystal (adds them all together in 1 item)


  • NPC Buffer with all the important buffs.
  • GM shop up to S & consumables.
  • Global Gatekeeper with all the important zones.
  • Ranking System in Community Board.
  • Item Auction House in Community Board.
  • Unique Auctioneer with a few clan halls release weekly.
  • Auction House with offers in Donation Coins in Community Board.
  • Items, Monsters & Raid Bosses Database with many functions.
  • Character Control Panel with many functions accessible by .cfg command.
  • Donation Store with limited available options. NO P2W


Vote Reward System: 1 - 6 Festival Adena a 12h cooldown usage & 12h duration Vote Rune that increases your stats.


  • Automatic potions clicker system, setup window appears .mp commands


Olympiad on 10 Days circle. (First Olympiad Period begins 01.12.2022)

  • Olympiad on 10 Days circle
  • New heroes every 1st,11th & 21st of each month.
  • Olympiad needs 7 minimum participants to begin.
  • Olympiad starts time [18:00] ends [00:00]
  • Maximum enchant in the Olympiad is +6
  • Class based option disabled.

Leveling Clan Cost & Required Members.

  • Clan Level 6: 5.000 Clan Reputation Points & 10+ members.
  • Clan Level 7: 10.000 Clan Reputation Points & 15+ members.
  • Clan Level 8: 20.000 Clan Reputation Points & 20+ members.
  • Clan Level 9: 40.000 Clan Reputation Points & 25+ members.
  • Clan Level 10: 40.000 Clan Reputation Points & 30+ members.
  • Clan Level 11: 75.000 Clan Reputation Points & 35+ members.

Clan Hall Auction System

1 Clan Hall per Village releases every week on Auction.

Clan Hall Auctions are finishing every Monday 18:00.

Winning Bidder has to pay 25% of his total winning bid weekly to be able to maintain his Clan Hall.

10% Loser's Tax on his total placed bid is applied.


DEATHMATCH Description: The goal in Deathmatch Event, also known as free-for-all, is to kill as many other players as you can in 10 minutes. After death, you will respawn in random location after 10 seconds. The one with the most kills wins the Event.

TEAM VS TEAM Description: In Team vs Team Event all participating members are divided in two sides (Red - Blue) and the only goal is to kill as many players you can from the enemy side. Each kill brings score to your Team. Respawn takes 5 seconds.Event Duration: 10 minutes

CAPTURE THE FLAG Description: Capture the Flag is a Team Event. Try to steal Flag that is placed near enemy spawn location and bring it to your territory. Don't forget to defend your flag, we don't want it to be hold by enemy hands!Event Duration: 10 minutes.

TREASURE HUNT Description: Treasure Hunt is a free-for-all Event. Your goal is to find chests and open them! Focus on other players too, you are getting points for killing them. You get 1 Festival Adena per Chest.

KOREAN STYLE Korean Style is a Team Event. All you need to do is defeat enemy Team in 1 VS 1 Fights. Prove you are the best and kill the enemy in a fair battle!

FIGHT FOR THRONE Description: Team Event. Protect the Castle from the Invaders and don't let them engrave the Seal of Ruler or Castle Throne will be theirs. Every invader is able to cast the Spell. Team which will possess the Castle after 10 minutes, will win the Event.


Shilen's Messenger, Cabrio: 16-20h

Death Lord Hallate: 16-20h

Kernon: 16-20h

Longhorn Golkonda: 16-20h


Ant Queen: Live start

Baium: 02/12.2022 21:00-23:00

Antharas: 09/12/2022 21:00-23:00

Beleth: 06/12/2022 21:00-23:00

Valakas: 16/12/2022 21:00-23:00

Epidos: 2h


Required players

  • Instances: Frintezza Required players: 9
  • Zaken Daytime Lv 83 Required players: 9
  • Zaken Daytime Lv 60 Required players: 9
  • Zaken Nightly Lv 60 Required players: 27
  • Instances: Normal Freya Required players: 9
  • Instances: Hard Freya Required players: 18
  • Instances: TIAT Required players: 11
  • Instances: Beleth Required players: 18


9 Siegable Castles (Giran, Aden, Rune, Goddard, Innadril, Schuttgart, Dion, Oren, Gludio) with Castle Sieges every week.

First Castle Sieges will take place on TBA

  • Giran Castle 27.11 20:00

  • Aden Castle 27:11 20:00

  • Goddard Castle 27.11 17:00

  • Rune Castle 27.11 20:00

  • Gludio Castle 27.11.2022 17:00

  • Innadril Castle 27.11 17:00

  • Schuttgart Castle 27:11 17:00

  • Dion Castle 27.11 17:00

  • Oren Castle 27.11 20:00

  • Territory wars every Saturday 20:00 CET.

    • .offline (Use this command after you setup your private store to go in "Offline Trade Mode")
    • .buffstore (Support classes can use this command to setup a buffstore)
    • .vote (After you submit your votes in all the banners on our website, use it to get rewarded)
    • .stream or .twitch (Use this command to connect your twitch stream with the server & get rewarded)
    • .party [message] (Use this command to recruit members in your party)
    • .cfg or .control (Opens up the server's control panel)
    • .combinetalismans (Combines all your talismans of same type in one)
    • .openatod (Opens all the Ancient Tome of the Demons at once)
    • .mp (Use it to setup automatic MP potions)
    • .repair [name] (If your main character stucked, create a level 1 character in the same account & use this command)